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Name: Md.Ayyaz, CTO and Founder

Md.Ayyaz comes from a strong tech background, with vast experience of 19+ years. He is passionate about building technology and innovations he has many patents and research publications on his name, and he has worked with companies like Bell Labs, Nokia, Alcatel - Lucent, DLink, Team F1, Intel, GSLabs, Symantec, etc.

He has a proven track record of building many products and teams in areas of high-performance computing, IPS/IDS, Routing, Firewalling, Firmware, ASICs, language processing, compilers, scalable frameworks, traffic generators, etc

Ayyaz end to end goes to market product development architectural capabilities and leadership makes our customer confident and dependable. His wider perspective on market understanding and tech understanding provides a unique perspective.

He is leading the entire program of Anthropic in the capacity of CTO.



Prathima Jiddi comes from strong experience in software Legalities, Administration, and HR. She was instrumental in building successful productive teams in past. She has an experience of 15+ years in the field of management and administration.

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